How Do I Know If My Dog Has Animal Cancer?


As dogs age their body and temperament start to change. This is normal, just like any human. They grow strange bumps. They begin to lose their hair. They often have to “potty” more frequently and they can become anxious and somewhat high strung. As the parent to your fur-babies this can be as stressful a time for you as it is for them.



Each little new change seems extraterrestrial to you and if it seems to bother your dog at all, you become worried. One of the biggest worries for dog owners who suddenly find a strange bump or patch of missing hair on their pooch is cancer. It is a horrible word which is terrifying and unknown illness. But often, random bumps and hair loss are completely benign. Still, there are some symptoms and changes that you can keep an eye out for that signifies the early stages of dog cancer.


Animal cancer starts just like human cancer-from mutating cells. These cells become deformed, warped. They take on new properties that are often alien to the body they exist in and sometimes this alienism is malignant. Detecting the early signs of cancer is the best way to keep it under control or reach remission. So, what signs appear in dogs that will trigger an owner to get them checked out? There are two that stand out:


  • Your puppy’s lump is still changing. One of the typical signs that the growth on your dog’s back is dog cancer will be its physical state. Is it growing or becoming less solid? If your dog has a new growth it is best to have it examined by a vet. If that growth is changing in size or texture, it is time to ask for a biopsy.


  • Animal cancer doesn’t always present as a noticeable lump. An early sign of cancer is unexplained weight loss. Keep an eye on your dog’s eating habits. If he/she has less of an appetite or has been losing weight for no reason, you need to get him/her checked out by a vet as soon as possible.


Other changes and signs can include bad breath, unexplained bleeding, changes in bathroom habits and even cough. The best way to keep your dog healthy and happy is to have him examined by a vet on a regular basis. If you are noticing any symptoms that persist or are worrisome take them to a vet. No symptom is too small to have looked at. Schedule an appointment with the vet and get the immediate tests done. It is essential that the dog is put through the best treatment at the earliest so that the cancer can be arrested early on. This will give you a chance to get your pet treated quickly and help it recover faster. For more information visit here CVS: Angel Care



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