Why Do Dog Tumors Occur?

You might panic and get frightened when you first come across dog tumor in your pet. If you find any mysterious bump or swollen lump on the body of your animal, there are chances that it may have affected with cancer. But this is not true always. Sometimes, it can simply mean sebaceous cysts or skin allergy. However, if your dog behaves strange than everyday or if you discover significant patch on your pet’s skin, consult a vet for diagnosing a problem and get it treated immediately. They vet can determine the real problem based on your honest statement of the dog’s condition. Mostly, dog tumors are on the skin.



Dog tumors can also occur in lymph nodes, alimentary system, mammary glands and reproductive organs. Benign Dog Tumors are not very dangerous but as the pet owner, you must see to it that the disease does not get complicated in future. Proper medication and abundant exercise can treat benign tumor. There are other tumors like malignant which can cause death of your pet. These tumors are cancerous and are obligated to treated and get removed as soon as possible. These tumors can be cured depending on where they have occurred in the animal’s body. Several methods are used to treat different types of tumors. Skin dog tumors might have a different approach while stomach tumors can be treated differently. Usually, radiation and chemotherapy is given to the pets to ensure faster recovery, if cancer is detected.


Besides, you need to learn that not all body lumps and bumps are tumors. Sometimes, fluid spills from openings and the wounds have a rough surface and are very hard to touch. Naturally and most of the times, dog tumors are benign and not malignant. Nothing can be done unless the dog finds it difficult to eat or is showing any sign of chronic pain. Any kind of tumor is easily identified by physical examination. Lymph gland tumors, perianal tumors, testicular tumor and mouth cancer usually need palpation. Lameness and swelling indicate bone cancer while other cancers including that of spleen, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and liver have their own signs and warnings. Just like us, animals are prone to cancer and dog tumors. That is why it is essential to connect with a good vet


One of the best ways to rectify tumor in your furry companion is a biopsy test. During the test, some cells are taken from the body lump developed on the animal’s skin and examined. This helps in determining the condition of your pet and helps the vet in prescribing the required medication. The exact cause of dog tumors is till date not known but medicinal advancements have made it possible to eliminate it by treating it surgically. Apart from surgeries, nutritional support and radiotherapy are considered. As a responsible pet parent, you are obligated to take measures and give your pet a wonderful life. For more information visit here: CVS Angel Care

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