What Are The Common Canine Tumor Treatments?

Dogs can get cancer,similar to human beings. These animals have 1:4 chance of getting cancer. Nowadays many different kinds of dog cancer treatments are available. Many of them are the same as those availed by human beings. Treatments concerning Canine Tumors include radiation, surgery, cryosurgery (freezing), chemotherapy, hyperthermia (heating), immunotherapy, acupuncture, nutrition therapy, behavior modification, massage therapy, and hormonotherapy.



Your pet dog will be able to respond quickly to Canine Tumors treatments and may not have extreme reactions to radiation and chemotherapy like we human beings do. They will not have to endure long-term treatments likehumans.

We have mentioned below some causes of Canine Tumors:


1    Air pollution
2    Certain viruses
3    Chemical additives and preservatives in food
4    Herbicides
5    Hormones
6    Insecticides
7    Unnecessary vaccinations
8    Radiation exposure
9    Second-hand smoke
10    Sunlight


Here are some common dog cancer treatments:


* Acupuncture is made use of in strengthening the dog's immune system so that it can attack cancer.
* Chiropractic care lays stress on spine, bones, vertebrae, and joints and their alignment in the body.
* Homeotherapy is a holistic discipline that consists of diet, exercise, and stress relief for your dog. You will be able to find veterinarians that specialize specifically in homeopathic medicine.
* Immunotherapy is making use of tumor vaccines to target tumors.
* Massage therapy helps relieve stress for your dog and is an important factor in fighting cancer.
* Nutrition therapy is utilized as whole, raw, and non-processed foods so as to allow your pet dog to avail nutritional benefits to their maximum potential. Supplements in the form of ES Clear prove beneficial in enhancing the immune system so as to give your dog extra energy.
* Radiation therapy penetrates beams of radiation to kill cancer cells, which keeps them from multiplying.
* The treatment of chemotherapy is treatment with drugs to specifically target cancer cells.
* Treatment withcryosurgery is the process involving freezing tumor during surgery and then removing tumor.
* With the help of surgical treatment, tumor can be removed as in amputation.


Bladder cancer occurs in breeds that have a tendency of facing higher risks. Symptoms might not be visible before a minimal of six months. However, thorough evaluation can result in showing signs of bleeding and urinary obstruction. Squamous cell carcinomas make an appearance within nailbeds, toes and mouth of dogs.
With proper care and correct Canine Tumors diagnosis, your pet dog may be able to live for long time after diagnosis of cancer. You and your veterinarian can together make a wise decision as to whethertreatment will be suitable for your pet. Your pet's life could be extended if cancer has not metastasized. If it has not, then your pet will not be able tolive for long time. Moreover, treatment will be very uncomfortable during the last days. For more information visit here: CVS Angel Care

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