Recognize The Signs of Cancer In Dogs

If you have a pet, you got to be very careful while dealing with them. You might have noticed some changes in them, but would have ignored it. In such cases, professionals state that prompt evacuation and thorough diagnosis of pets is essential.This carelessness might cost you, your dog. Here are few warning signs of dog cancer:


Foul odor: Every animal has an odor, so does your dog. You must be aware of the dog odor, however, if there is any change in the odor, chances of animal cancer is higher. If there is any foul odor coming from the nasal area or from the mouth of the dog, pay immediate attention to it.


Lump: The skin of your dog reveals a lot. Do not forget to check the skin behind the ears and around the face of your dog. If you happen to witness any lump, chances of cancer is high. In case of bleeding lumps, take your doctor to the vet immediately. it could be a minor tumor or a cancerous tumor.


Weight loss: Is your dog healthy? Have you ever paid attention to the weight of your dog? If your dog is losing weight drastically, it is an indication of dog cancer. If you have put the dog on diet, it is normal to have weight loss. However, if you haven’t, this weight loss might be dangerous.


Change in appetite: The dog becomes a part of the family and one is aware of the diet of the dog. The pet owner knows about the food likes and dislikes of the pet. Hence, if your dog refuses to eat or has lost appetite, it is a sign of cancer. Get your pet examined.


Increase in sleep time: Yes, sleeping is a good habit, but an overdose of it is a warning. Dogs are meant to be active and sharp. If you happen to witness that your dog sleeps most of the time and has become lethargic, it is time for a veterinary check-up. It is a symptom of dog-cancer. The dog tends to become lazy and avoids playing. It becomes restless as well.

Thus, animal cancer is as common as human cancer. One tends to ignore the signs that the dog is indication. Dog cancer is on rise and if it is not treated on time, the cancer might spread to other parts of the body. There could be behavioral change in your dog, the eating pattern, the walking pattern, the emotional change and so on. These changes mustn’t be ignored. If you love your pet, do consult a veterinary doctor immediately. This can prevent dog cancer. Do share your opinion about symptoms of dog cancer with the vet and he or she will be able to help you get the right diagnosis done. For more information visit Our Website

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