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Early Detection of Canine Tumors Helps In Better Treatment

Just like in humans Canine Tumors can also be treated in a better way if detected early. Therefore, it is necessary for you as a pet owner to know about the type, sign and symptoms for early detection. You must know that once your dog crosses middle age it becomes more prone to tumors growths and it can grow anywhere on the body. It can be outside as well as inside which is even more dangerous if left unattended or a long time. The good news is that these tumors can be treated by the vet provided it is detected early so that it does not become cancerous, sooner or later.


Recognize A Tumor


You must know the ways to recognize Canine Tumors and take it to the vet as soon as it is detected for better results from the treatments. There are specific areas of growth of specific tumors that are surprisingly very similar to the humans. When you rub your hand over the body and notice any unusual lump you can be sure it is tumor. There may be persistent discharge from a sore that is not healing for a long time as well. Any dark skin formation in specific areas can also mean tumors. As for the internal tumors look for any lethargy in the pet, any rapid weight loss, any breathing problems, or black stools and uncontrolled urinating and defecating.


Tests Are Necessary


It is necessary to conduct some tests by the vet as all Canine Tumors are not cancerous by nature. Such tests include blood test, x-rays, ultrasonography, MRI and CT scans which will show the position and formation of the tumor. The vat may also conduct biopsy on the cells of the tumor just to make sure that it is cancerous or not. After the biopsy test, if it is found that it is cancerous then surgical operation may be suggested to remove the tumor. It is often combined with chemotherapy and radiation to provide best results. Depending on the type of tumor removed chemotherapy can be of single or of multiple drugs.


Types of Tumors


Some common types of Canine Tumors include Lymphoma, which is a swelling that usually occurs in the nodes of the lymph vessel. It results in difficulty in breathing, cause diarrhea and vomiting, which are telltale signs of such tumors. Other type of tumors includesosteosarcoma, bone tumor, mass cell tumor, mammary carcinoma skin tumor and those found in the mammary gland.All these tumors are cancerous and therefore needs early treatment to save your pet.


Have Regular Checkups


You must follow some preventive measures and also conduct regular checkups so that you can come to know of a tumor as soon as it starts to grow. This is necessary even if you know that tumors are associated only with dogs that are of the middle age. There may some genetic disorders which might expedite the formation and therefore, it is better not to take any chances with the life of your loyal and beloved canine friend. For more information visit here: CVS Angel Care

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