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21.06.2016 10:25

Are There Guaranteed Ways of Treating Canine Tumors?

It’s true that more and more dogs are these days suffering from tumors and cancers but it is also true that a majority of them are counted as cancer survivors; this is because their owners are more aware of the ways to prevent and cope with tumors. So, if you are a dog owner, learn the best ways to prevent Canine Tumors in your pet dog through this article.


1.    Offer pure water to your dog: You may not know but the tap water that you offer your pet dog to drink or bath can be very dangerous for your pet dog, as it may contain chemicals that can play havoc on his health such as arsenic, lead and nitrates. So, offer only filtered pure water to your dog for drinking as well as for bathing if possible. Also, avoid taking your dog from street puddles filled with dirty water.


2.    Avoid Vaccinations If Dog Has A Canine Tumor: It’s true that vaccinations can help keeping a number of diseases at bay for your pets but this is not the case when your pet already suffers from a canine tumor. In other words, vaccinating your tumor affected dog can put him in more stress, so avoiding vaccinations is the best way to soothe him.


3.    Control Your Dog’s Weight: Another tip to prevent your pet dog from suffering tumors is to keep his weight under control. Remember, obese dogs usually become lazy and are more prone to different types of cancers and other diseases like diabetes and even breathing difficulties. So, refer to your vet for a healthy weight for your dog breed and then try to maintain it for your dog to keep him healthy life long.


4.    Restrict Indoor Pollution: You must also take care of your dog by restricting indoor pollution. You may not know but your dogs can be allergic to the cigarette smoke and in the long run due to persistent exposure to it they can suffer from Canine Tumors.


5.    Keep Away from Pesticides: Just like you keep your children away from harmful pesticides, keep your pets also away from them to keep them tumor free. Dog owners who use weed killing pesticides for indoor plants may put their pet dogs at a high risk of Canine Tumors.


6.    Try Natural Flea Products: No matter, how pretty a bottle of shampoo or perfume may look, don’t try it on your pet dogs, as they are full of chemicals that can put your pet in health dangers. Instead try using natural and flea products that are less toxic for your pet dog’s skin and hair.


7.    Make Your Dog do Regular Exercise: Lastly, don’t forget to indulge your pet dog in regular exercise to keep him fit and away from Canine Tumors. Several researches have shown that dogs with canine fitness stay away from dog cancers and other serious ailments, as the regular exercises help their digestive glands to secrete the fluids better, thereby avoiding tumors. For more information visit Our Website

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