Glimpse Into The Facts And Features of The Transmissible Dog Cancer

Cancer is supposed to be a deadly disease. Not only humans but also animals are likely to develop malignant symptoms. Pet owners ought to be on the guard regarding the relevant signs and symptoms. The medical association dealing with the veterinary medicine has interesting facts to provide. If your pet crosses the age limit of ten, then you do have reasons to be cautious. That’s because most pet contract cancer after the said age-limit. Secondly, more than fifty percent of the deaths take place because of cancer. There is another prospect to consider. As per the findings of the veterinary association, dog cancer is more a possibility than those affecting cats.



The Cancer Types

Both domestic, as well as wild animals,is likely to develop cancer. Just as cancer in humans has different varieties, similar is true about malignancy in animals. Ranging from blood cancer or leukemia to that affecting the skin cell; pet cancer may be of various types. The bracket includes abdominal, skeletal, and testicular and brain cancer. Pet lovers should be aware of the odds and ends of the animal cancer. It is imperative that you don’t confuse one for the other. Though the genre is same, the latter is a wee bit different from that affecting a human being. For instance,transmission is not one of the possible causes of malignancy in men.

A Striking Point To Note

But the case is different with dogs and animals. It is surprising, but it is a fact that the dog cancer of a particular type spreads from one to the other. In humans, such an outcome is one of the rarest possibilities. Dog cancer that comes in the shape of the venereal tumor is transmissible. So, you have to be watchful if any of the mating partners has developed the symptomatic conditions of the latter. In the course of mating, the cancerous cells are likely to pass from the affected canine to the other. Genital areas, as well as the urethra, are likely to develop the CTVT tumor. It takes the shape of a mound.

The Modes of Transmission

Not only during mating, but physical contact of any kind including licking can give rise to CTVT tumor. But the conditions are curable. Chemotherapy, rest and therapy by radiation techniques are some of the options to consider. It is pleasing to note that chemotherapy has high success rate with the animal cancer. The therapeutic process is good enough to ensure complete remission. At times, you will find that the cancerous strains are passing from one generation to the other. It is another possibility amongst dogs.

Interesting Facts For The Pet Lovers

The cancer of the transmissible type that starts off with a malignant tumor happens to be a time-old phenomenon. It dates back in years’ time. The transmissible cancer type can also affect mice, foxes and jackals. Since the phenomenon is rampant amongst the pet dogs, it is desirable that every pet owner is aware of the respective odds and issues.

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