Red Flags For Pet Cancer

Few Pet Cancer has become very common now-a-days.  But technological advances have come up with ample of treatment options for treating this chronic disease in animals. Traditionally, there was no cure for Pet Cancer. Pets with cancer were sent home to live their last days, many times in pain but no hope. Today, the condition is much more salubrious and pets live longer even after diagnosing cancer. Hospice care or surgical treatments like radiation therapies and chemo help dealing with Pet Cancer.



In case of cats and dogs, where nothing can be done further, euthanasia is considered. Such a terrifying act is done since you cannot see the vulnerable condition of your beloved pet. Cancer in pets comes with the ageing. Different kinds of cancers have been noted among the pets. Ovarian cancer, testicular cancer or breast cancer can be detected in the growth stage of your pet. Numerous methods like X-Rays, blood test and biopsy samples are used to identify Pet Cancer.


Pet Cancer Symptoms

  • Appetite loss
  • Rapid weight-loss
  • Non-healing sores
  • Abnormal swelling
  • Foul odor
  • Stiffness and hesitant exercising
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Difficulty in defecating or urinating
  • Chronic vomiting

Noticing any of the above conditions in your pet indicates consulting a vet. All of these or even a few of these can lead to weight loss, loss of appetite and constant deterioration over time, if ignored. Stiffness is usually associated with older dogs and thus, ignored. But if it is compounded by any of these conditions, it is time to make a beeline to the vet for intensive tests and examinations.


Regular health check-ups plays vital role in detecting cancer, before it becomes worse and your pets starts to suffer. Yearly wellness programs and blood screenings identify cancer and help you to take effective measures accordingly. If ignored, the untreated pain of the animal reduces the quality life of the pet and takes time to recover from the disease. Most of the treatment for pet cancers is similar to our cancer treatment methods. It includes radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.


If you are a dog owner, you will come across skin tumor or brain cancer in them. Dogs that have retained testes suffer from testicular cancer. Lymphoma, a common cancer is malignant in pets. Other cancers include abdominal tumors and ovarian cancer. Wide range of treatments for treating Pet Cancer is available. Depending upon the type of cancer, condition of your pet and risks of the treatment, the vet may select any of the options from radiation, surgery, or cryosurgery (freezing), immuno-therapy, hyperthermia or chemotherapy. Many vets also use a fusion of above methods.


Different pets respond differently to different types of drugs. Sometimes, Pet Cancer is cured immediately if the treatment is aggressive and your pet responds rapidly. Early detection, however, proves to be life-saving. Don’t ignore the red flags and even if that doubt lingers, get your pet checked by an experienced vet.

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